One of a kind and crafted by hand,

down to the very last brushstroke

Ever lasting memory

Our sonogram art is a keepsake, capturing your babys very first image

The most precious piece of art

Unique and exclusive Nursery Detail

The cutest keepsake

for when life throws you the sweetest surprise

Pregnancy Milestone Cards

for the tiny moments of your biggest adventure



From the moment our brush touches the surface of the water, we know exactly who the piece of art is destined for. All our paintings are made to order and tailored to the customer’s individual wishes and needs.

At Cotton Stories, each painting is one of a kind and crafted by hand, down to the very last brush stroke. The painting is embossed to guarantee that is a genuine Cotton Stories artwork, and it receives a hand-signed label as a final touch from the artist herself.


The Nordic Forest Originals

The Nordic Forest Originals

Beautiful artwork is not just the painting itself, but the story behind it. The beauty of the process, where ideas...



A limited Collection Prints. Each print is embossed with our logo to guarantee that it is a genuine Cotton Stories artwork. There...

The Artist

The Artist

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always had a pen or a brush in my hand. Every chance I got I wanted to paint something. It could be a quick sketch on the back of my hand or many hours in front of a blank canvas. Growing up, I was always known as “the girl who could draw” because I spend most my time drawing on every notebook I had. 

Later in life art became more and more something I knew I just couldn’t be without. It was more than just a hobby, it was an essential part of me that grew bigger for each year. I loved creating things with meaning, something genuine, special and where every outcome was unique.

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The best from nature

The best from nature


We choose our materials with the outermost care. Aside from appearance, it is important that the materials we use have the characteristics we believe in and at the same time live up to the high quality that we demand.

We believe in the beauty of nature, and cherish the thought of creating something that will last for a lifetime. Our choice of paper is therefore made exclusively from the finest natural material, Cotton. A proven material that has been used by craftsmen for thousands of years.

From a tiny little seed, hidden in a delicate capsule, it develops to become a colorful flower. And when the time is right, the flower transforms into a fragile but strong, cotton ball. And if it’s harvested with care, the cotton will continue to grow and form a new life.

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