Our Story


The Cotton Story

It all started a crisp winter day in the Swedish archipelago. On a small rocky island, reachable only by boat, there are three grey wooden houses. In one of these houses, Caroline, the artist, was sitting by the window and viewing the thin ice trying to form on top of the waves. She knew the fresh air would give her new energy and time to reflect on her pregnancy filled with nausea. It was her first pregnancy, and already had she learned that life gets filled with surprises and new normal states.

Before she left on her trip to the island, Caroline had a scan of her belly to see if the little baby was well, which it thankfully was. In all the excitement over the good news, she forgot to ask to get the picture from the scan. Now sitting by the window looking out, the only thing occupying her thoughts was the beautiful silhouette she had seen on the screen. A healthy bouncing little baby with a strong heartbeat. It was an emotional meeting with her, yet unknown, daughter to be. A memory she wanted to last for a lifetime.

So with a last glance out the window at the cold winter, she grabbed her brush and tore of a piece of paper from nearest sketch pad, and started to draw her mental picture of the very first meeting with her unborn child. That painting was the birth of Cotton Stories.

Today, Cotton Stories paint sonograms of babies, twins, triplet, and even tiny embryos, for people all over the world. That is just… wow.