Frequently Asked Questions

Is my sonogram good enough?
We endeavour to help you regardless of the clarity of your sonogram image. We receive all types of sonogram pictures; images from early pregnancy stage or images that are faded and blurry. If you wish us to enhance certain aspects, then we will do so. Still uncertain about the quality of your sonogram image? We are more than glad to help you! Contact us at hello@cottonstories.se.


I need the painting within 2 weeks, is this possible?
If you need the painting for a special occasion, reach out to us and we'll work something out. 


I want to order a Sonogram Art Twins but do not have the babies on the same pictures – what do I do?
No problem! Send us both images and we will assemble the images together into the same picture. Tell us if you have any special requests with regards to the placing of the babies.

I haven’t received an order confirmation – Has my order gone through?
If you have placed an order but not received an order confirmation, look through your junk email. We have noticed that our emails sometimes end up there. If you still have not received an order confirmation, contact us at orders@cottonstories.se so that we can help you!


Can I cancel/change my order?

You can cancel your order within 24 hours of the order date. If you want to change your order, contact us within 3 days. Customized items cannot be returned.


How do I reclaim an item?
Our products are handmade and cannot be returned. But if you are not satisfied with your product or if it is broken during delivery, contact us at orders@cottonstories.se.

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