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We love all types of collaborations. And we often work very closely with both influencers and companies from all over the world. Curious to explore how we can work together? Have a look at what type of profiles we work with, and if the criteria match your profile, reach out to us. We are always open to new and creative ideas! 
Ideally, you are a mother/father to be or have brought up one or many small little humans into this world. Your Instagram/Blog is very personal and you have a genuine interest in giving your followers valuable content that is suited for them. It could be within home decor, family life or any other topic which you are truly passionate about. Your Instagram account is public and has over 10 000 followers. Please include following the information in your email:
  • Link to your Instagram/Blog
  • Numbers of visitors on your blog, unique on a monthly base.
  • Average engagement rate on your Instagram account. 



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