About The Artist

For me, art does not need to be something deep, odd or abstract in order to stand out. I was never that kind of artist. I am not abstract in any way. I love the beauty of a clear and distinct piece of art, a beautifully detailed portrait or an amazing landscape painting. There is so much more to a painting than just the end result. It’s the process from a vision to a finished motive that is the true beauty of every painting.

I could stay up all night just working on a painting that you know will take weeks to get done. There is something magical of being awake when the world is asleep. Everything gets quiet and you can focus on a whole new level than during the day. Maybe it’s because it is the only time that you don’t feel any rush or pressure from your surrounding. Everything has slowed down and you get the opportunity to put your heart and soul into your creation without being rushed.

By looking at the movement of each brush strokes, you can interpret and understand a lot about the artist behind it.

The details are extremely important to me even though it sometimes can not be seen at first glance for an untrained eye. But if you look closely you can see that there is more to it. It can be the soft blending between two shades of colors, or the carefully added brush strokes in a totally different color. By looking at the movement of each brush strokes, you can interpret and understand a lot about the artist behind it. Are the strokes smooth or harsh? Is the structure of the painting soft or can you feel the structure of dry paint when one color touches another? It’s like a part of the artist personality gets left behind in the way the painting turns out. A silent signature from the artist itself.  


I’ve always known that one day I would live my dream to let my creations be my profession, but I could not imagine it would be paintings for the entire world to see. I create unique paintings of life, the very first moment we meet a new world citizen growing inside of someone else. It makes all the late hours of reaching perfection, worth every minute of my life.

Every photo I receive from around the world is unique and special, just like my paintings. They all carry a story, a history, a future. It is not just a picture of a baby. It is a picture of life, of hope and love. For me, it is the beginning of a story yet to be told.