The Creation Process

The creation of human life is just incredible. 9 month of pure love and devotion, a life growing inside another human body. It’s a bit weird… but oh so beautiful! Many of you have asked how we create your unique artwork. So we wanted to show the birth of your very own painting. It is not a 9 month journey, but it is created with as much love and devotion as one.

Details matter

When we receive your image we analyze it and discover every tiny little detail that is unique for your personal sonogram image.

Sonogram art image


Outline contours

What are the characteristics of your baby? Maybe the shape of a perky little nose, a waving hand or bouncing feet. The outline defines the propoprtions and shape to paint.

unique Sonogram art cotton stories

 STEP 3.

Layers of paint

Multiple layers of paint is how the different shades of grey appear, only using black as a color. After each layer, we patiently wait for it to dry, before it is time for the next one. As a final touch, the details will be enhanced with white to make it pop!

 STEP 4.

Authenticity stamp

Your painting will not turn dirt yellow after one year hanging on your wall because we choose our materials with the outermost care. The paper is 100% cotton, naturally white, acid free and made entirely without bleaching agents, for optimal conservation for a lifetime.


Beautifully boxed

To preserve your keepsake safely during transport, the artwork will be carefully stored in a custom made box, hand-crafted in Stockholm, by the prominent manufacturer Norrmalms Kartongfabrik.


Created by her two hands

Each painting and each step of this incredible process is made by two skilled hands. The hands of our amazing artist Caroline Eklöf